The Spirits of The Garajonay Rainforest

The Grand Opening of the Photo-Vernissage “The Spirits of the Garajonay Rainforest” of Romana Christina Pelagatti was held on 11th of April 2024 at 20:00 in San Sebastian de La Gomera, the capital of the island.

Andi Louis (Keyboard), Tiina Tomson (Voice, Joik, Jew’s Harp), Ignacio Fauri (Percussion) und Karolina Trybala (Voice, Shruti Box) were responsible for the musical part of the show that let the forest fairies dance their magical dance in the misty exhibition hall of the City Town Hall.

Romana’s unique Photo Collection is a proof of her vivid connection with trees, that makes her see the invisible, introducing to the audience the enticing animated characteristics of the trees in the Garajonay Rainforest.

The exhibition is open to public from 11th of April till 31st of May 2024 from 08:00 till 15:00 in the City Town Hall of San Sebastian. Don’t miss out this chance to be charmed by nature itself!

Text author: Tiina Tomson April 2024

Tiina Tomson & Jew’s Harp

Andi Louis on the Keys

Andi Louis & Tiina Tomson

Photos by Dieter Umlauf: Vernissage Apr 2024

Read more on the local news channel Canal 4 Tenerife:

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